My latest piece for UNA Wales on the UN Report on violence against women in Afghanistan, released last week.

WCIA Voices

Laura S. Lea

This week, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, (UNAMA) released a report on the implementation of the 2009 law on the elimination of violence against women, (EVAW) tellingly entitled ‘Still a long way to go’. This follows a 2011 report on the EVAW law called, ‘A long way to go’.

The EVAW law, brought in 3 years ago, criminalized a range of abuse and violence against women including rape, forced and child marriage, physical abuse, the selling and buying of women within the terms of marriage and ba’ad, (the offering of women as a form of restitution).The 42-page report looks at information from 22 of 34 provinces admitting that authorities in many areas were reserved in sharing information on violence against women, mainly due to the lack of registration of such cases.

The report finds progress with courts and prosecutors increasingly applying the law, although the…

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